We are a boutique wine merchant specialising in Australian, New Zealand and Chilean wines since 1996. We are in fact the pioneer company in Malaysia to import wines as ours core business. Today, wines remain our core business and we focus on introducing quality labels and providing personalised service and wine education.

As we are essentially importers and wholesalers, we conduct regular wine tastings and winemaker events for our valued clientele.

Grape Expectations is the exclusive distributor for all the major labels that we carry in Malaysia and we work very closely with all of our wineries to taste the wines before import to ensure consistent quality of our product.

We like to work with boutique, family-owned wineries because we believe that it is the family-run businesses that often produce unique, complex wine styles not usually found in a commercial wine brand. In fact most of the boutique wines selected often have small or limited releases each vintage. All of the labels that we carry are very much established in the world of wine. Many are medal winners and receive high ratings from renowned Masters of Wine and wine critics.

We ship wines into the country on a regular basis to ensure consistency in supply and all of our wines are stored in our temperature-controlled warehouse.

We hope that you enjoy our selection of wines on offer and take advantage of our discount structure for bulk purchases. We also provide FREE delivery for orders of 6 bottles or more within the Klang Valley, usually within 24 hours of receiving an order.



The Team at Grape Expectations